A downloadable game jam entry for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Grab a friend and compete to see who can find the shortest path towards a word by going through related terms where you will have to choose one another's starting word to make things more interesting!

This game was originally made for Extra Credits' Game Jam #5, with the theme being passage. We ended up deciding to make the player create their own passage of words by going from word A to word B, hoping that they can have some fun with somebody else, and maybe learn something new about wherever the algorithm takes you.

Have fun!

Programming, design and art by SRPent and OutOfCharacters

OutOfCharacters: http://composedofchars.com/

SRPent: srpentdev@gmail.com 

Refer to the music and the API in the game's credits.

IMPORTANT BEFORE YOU PLAY: The game's word-relation algorithm is managed through a third party API, so please be warry that you might be able to stumble upon words or word relationships which you might find unsensitive or of bad taste; know that this is not a deliberate choice from the developers. You'll usually be fine if your words stick to the more family friendly area, but play at your own discretion. 


Windows Download 29 MB
Linux Download (Not Tested) 41 MB
MacOS Download (Not Tested) 30 MB


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I don't have a second player with me for these games, so I tend to play with fake fictional characters. I used Persona 5 characters and had a lot of fun with this!

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This is quite the clever little game! I've never seen anything like it. Players have to battle each other to see who can relate words to each other in the least amount of moves. The multi-faceted element to the gameplay is particularly interesting; each player gets to choose a word for their opponent to start from, and the opponent's ultimate score lies in the path that they trace from that word to the target. It's fun to start from a word totally unrelated to the target word and see what kinds of crazy paths you have to take to get to the target. For a hackathon game this is pretty darn good, a unique experience definitely worth the download.